A tale with a handsome prince cursed to live as a monstrous beast and a courageous beauty who consents to

The birch has a particularly graceful, flowing habit that always reminds me of a stream of water, extending right to

Kim McGreal explores the curious and macabre origins of some well-known childhood nursery rhymes.

Today, moles are usually unappreciated residents of our gardens and fields, but they are embedded in folklore and for centuries

There was once a bright-white cow which travelled round the world, giving milk enough for all comers. Whoever drank of

Clarke’s charm collection reveals a range of uses, including cures for sore throats, the protection of seafarers from drowning, and

Arcadia Britannica is an ongoing photographic portrait project of the myriad of different British folklore traditions and customs

A Welsh legend from the Red Lake tells the story of a doomed marriage between a mortal farmer and a

Icy Sedgwick explores the folklore, beliefs, and superstitions associated with the human skeleton in traditional and contemporary cultures across the

Now in its fifth year, The Legendary Llangollen Faery Festival in North Wales has become one of the largest fairy

Bad luck from breaking a mirror has a long history, and the ominous associations are pervasive around the world.

There are may lakes scattered around Wales, each with their own unique characteristics and history. Many also have the most

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