For the Celts, cauldrons had many everyday uses. As well as cooking, boiling, cleaning, bathing, carrying water and other domestic

Since the dawn of mankind we have desired to leave our mark on the world around us. From grand monuments,

The notion of fairy changelings, whilst dating back centuries, in many ways feels like a modern concept. That a human

Celtic folklore has given us some of the darkest and most frightening tales in folkloric history: three-headed monsters, headless horsemen,

Arcadia Britannica is an ongoing photographic portrait project of the myriad of different British folklore traditions and customs

2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the Centre for Myth Studies at the University of Essex.

This article examines the myths and legends which have grown in the very short period since the incarnation of crypto-currencies.

Ship’s cats have been sailing the seven seas alongside humans for centuries. They were not usually taken along as

We all know that Halloween, as a festival, is not an invention of the trick-or-treating Americans but it is far

One could write an encyclopaedia on the appearances of birds in folklore and their association with death and mortality, travelling

The motif of the discarded ring recovered from a fish appears in the folklore of various regions

Myth is folklore writ large, or to turn that phrase around, folklore is myth with a specific sense of local

No plants feature so often in folklore, in so many places, as fig trees. There’s a biological basis to many

Make sure you crush up your eggshells after eating an egg, otherwise witches will use them as boats and cause

For a writer whose most famous book is about the biology of animal faeces, it may seem like a stretch

There was once a bright-white cow which travelled round the world, giving milk enough for all comers. Whoever drank of

Clarke’s charm collection reveals a range of uses, including cures for sore throats, the protection of seafarers from drowning, and

The story of William of Cloudesly is found in a 16th century ballad, Adam Bell, Clym of the Cloughe and

Who are the folk, and what is their lore? Humans have been making and sharing culture from the time we

Smuggling. The word has been entwined with romantic delusions and depictions for many years. However, in reality this could not

“I’ve got something a lot better to exchange for that cow though, Jack,” said the man. “Something much more valuable

19th century Japan was obsessed with ghost stories. These stories are so influential that they serve as direct inspiration for

anukkah is one of the most celebrated holidays in the Jewish calendar. It’s known by some as the Festival of

Folklore can be said to flourish in times of unrest and oppression, and can be seen as a powerful and

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