I am a Professor at LPU, Jalandhar, journalist, writer and a GAON-WALA of India. If you find anything good about me it is the gift of my teachers, parents, family members and virtually everything that I have encountered in the universe in my journey of life so far. And if you find anything bad about me it is mine. I am a simple person. But come to me. I will try to make you smile with whatever I have. By profession, I am a journalist. Gopalganj to Raisina: My Political Journey was released in April 2019: "A political potboiler as never seen before, Lalu Prasad Yadav’s autobiography is the most important book if one has to understand the evolution of the politics of the dalits and the marginalized." My upcoming book is The Greatest Folktales from Bihar (Rupa, India). Visit my website or follow me on Twitter.

Nalin Verma tells one of the stories from his latest book, The Greatest Folk Tales of Bihar.

“Hat, cat, rat,” Umakant would shout at the top of his voice whenever he would see cowherds around the Peepal

Here Nalin Verma recalls memories of his uncle, from his childhood growing up in Bihar.