“Bones of 7ft Hound from Hell Black Shuck ‘Discovered.'” During an archaeological dig, the skeletal remains of a very large

Although their origins lie in Japanese folk traditions, omamori are still a popular sight throughout Japan. The word itself, 御守り,

The life of the shanty is a fascinating example of how elements of a music genre can evolve to match

While less well known than their priestly counterparts, German folklore also had plenty of "secular" exorcists who resorted to magic

By their very nature saints are exceptional beings and none more so than the select few female saints. These were

There was a time when the living covered the mouths of their dead with a single coin before their final

The exploration into the origins of common superstitions continues with ‘wishing on a star’.

Dolphins are frequently found in ancient Greek and Roman folklore, where tales tell of their roles in medicine and myth,

If a bouquet of flowers arrives at our door, we’re more interested in who sent them. The Victorians were more

The Norwegian hulder-folk pursue Christian-folk - kidnapping their children, making them their partners and servants, and getting their help to

Kelpies are water-horses, who can shape-shift from underwater monsters to beautiful horses or humans on land

Italian festivals offer glimpses of life in a previous time through food, re-enactments and sporting events. These events will satisfy

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