Dolphins are frequently found in ancient Greek and Roman folklore, where tales tell of their roles in medicine and myth,

A couple of month’s ago I happened upon a copy of A Dictionary of British Folk-Lore by Alice Gomme, a

Wolves played a vital part in Roman myths. A defining symbol of ancient Rome is the image of the twins

Madeline D'Este explores the possible origins behind the common belief that the act of opening an umbrella indoors invites bad

Today we have a featured story from The Emerald Isle, and Dee Dee Chainey talks to Ronan Burke, who runs

The Jack-in-the-Green was (and indeed is) a traditional participant in May celebrations and May Day parades in the UK.

The cutting of a couple’s wedding cake is often the highlight of a wedding reception with newlyweds making their first

Werewolves. The name alone conjures up nightmarish images from our current pop culture horror films starring this shapeshifting man-wolf.

Sheep have been integral to British life for thousands of years, and a long tradition of lore has developed around

Folklore shows that bells were not just used to call to prayer or to make an announcement, but also played

Many folkloric traditions and folktales in Lancashire have their origins in Nordic customs and beliefs.

One of the most extraordinary and fearsome figures in Cornish folklore and legend was Cruel Coppinger.

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