Scottish lore contains some of the darkest and strangest figures in folkloric history: shape-shifters, blood-suckers, monsters without skin.

I feed on as many books of London lore as I can find, everything from Neverwhere to London Orbital, King

Smuggling. The word has been entwined with romantic delusions and depictions for many years. However, in reality this could not

Incorporating folklore can add authenticity, richness and whole new layers of meaning to historical fiction. Novelist Melissa Harrison explores how

The phrase "Tapping the Admiral" originates from a piece of folklore surrounding the death of Horatio Nelson at the Battle

In Wales, legends of encounters with the Otherworld are never far away. One such legend is associated with Llyn y

2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the Centre for Myth Studies at the University of Essex.

Italian festivals offer glimpses of life in a previous time through food, re-enactments and sporting events. These events will satisfy

How do writers collect and re-tell regional folktales? Kevan Manwaring explains his influences, methods, and inspirations for his work in

Who are the folk, and what is their lore? Humans have been making and sharing culture from the time we

Ireland has at least 3,000 wells that are, or were at least up until recently, looked upon as holy or

#FolkloreThursday talks to Beatrice Blue, author and illustrator of 'Once Upon a Unicorn Horn', a magical book for children from First

The motif of the discarded ring recovered from a fish appears in the folklore of various regions

How is a gingerbread house tempting if you've gone gluten-free? Who needs pumpkin coaches when there's Uber? It's a question

Sleeping Beauty has an allure that is undeniable. Her story has retained a place in our traditions. Time has reshaped

There are may lakes scattered around Wales, each with their own unique characteristics and history. Many also have the most

The Gatto Mammone is an influent folktale that very few people remember.

Bloody Mary is a scary urban legend that has been told for decades, but what might psychology tell us about

I first encountered fairy tales as a child. As in most children, the encounter generated mixed feelings—wonder and excitement

In the telling of stories, the ghosts of our families still walk, and create a sense of belonging to a

Rituals can be transformational episodes that connect the initiand with other realms and higher cosmic plains. Thai Lanna Buddhist rituals

The great Victorian fairy fascination held its grip over culture into the early 20th century. In the wake of the

I began writing 'Maypoles, Mandrakes and Mistletoe: A Treasury of British Folklore' back in April last year.

“The ocean is not so strong as the waves of thy longing,” the fairy whispered to the man she desired

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