Tales of Britain: A Long Expected Journey

Tales of Britain live shows continue all over the country, performed by author Jem Roberts and Aardman star Kate Harbour.

A year and a half after our call to action to support Unbound Publishing’s 21st century roadmap of British folktales, Tales of Britain, is finally available to buy — but it’s been a long and winding road, and the campaign continues…

Haunted by Monsters: Top 5 Wicked Creatures in Polish Folklore

Rusałki frolicking beside a river by Ivan Kramskoi — The Yorck Project, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=153562

ith its rich folklore, deep woods filled with wild boars, wolves and massive bison, and dark 20th century history, Poland often feels haunted by monsters. I first went to Poland when I was eighteen and among the places I visited was the fairy-tale city of Kraków. Although I traveled extensively afterwards, I found myself returning […]

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