The Six Creepiest Creatures from Scottish Folklore

Kelpie statue by Jamie McInall

Scottish lore contains some of the darkest and strangest figures in folkloric history: shape-shifters, blood-suckers, monsters without skin.

Fairies in a Flat Landscape: the Fairylore of Suffolk

By Rod Bacon, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Suffolk might seem the very last place to look for fairylore; after all, most of us have grown up with the idea that belief in the fairies flourishes in wild, untamed places, and specifically in the ‘Celtic’ areas of the British Isles – Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Ireland.

Fishing with the Living and the Dead: The Sáiva Lakes of the Sami

Theodor Kittelsen's drawing Nøkken from 1904.

For the Pre-Christian Sami people who inhabited parts of modern-day Norway, Finland, Sweden, and Russia, fishing was a livelihood.

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