Folklore is at heart oral and behavioural traditions, so the notion of written folklore is somewhat oxymoronic. Any attempt to

Clarke’s charm collection reveals a range of uses, including cures for sore throats, the protection of seafarers from drowning, and

In Buddhism and Hinduism, the mandala is a symbol of devotion representing the transformation of the Universe from a state

This month, we're delighted that the wonderful folks over at The Countryman magazine have kindly featured #FolkloreThursday in their January edition! 

In this short story, Horatio Clare presents a retelling of the sleeping hero tale of Arthurian legend through the eyes

“Bones of 7ft Hound from Hell Black Shuck ‘Discovered.'” During an archaeological dig, the skeletal remains of a very large

Three years ago, in June 2015, the first ever #FolkloreThursday took place. Folklore was shared throughout the day and great

The story of the 'King of the Cats' can be found in folklore from a number of regions and countries.

The birch has a particularly graceful, flowing habit that always reminds me of a stream of water, extending right to

On 21st September, 1874, after hearing the cries of the ‘Seven Whistlers’, miners employed in North Warwickshire refused to descend

In the nineteenth century, Lady Charlotte Guest (with a team of Welsh scholars) translated a series of stories from Welsh

This piece aims to present the inter-connection between folk tales and myths, and psychology. I then show how this connection

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