The appearance of a Turkish knight, Beelzebub, and a horse’s skull mark out a centuries old winter tradition in rural

In the nineteenth century, Lady Charlotte Guest (with a team of Welsh scholars) translated a series of stories from Welsh

Hares are widespread geographically, so hare stories are widespread culturally. But hares take on a surprising variety of roles in

The Devil’s Column (Colonna del Diavolo), in Milan is the focus of one of Milan’s oldest and most beloved legends

Remy Dean explores the stories of Wild Kynaston; a medieval noble turned highwayman who may have inspired some of the

How do writers collect and re-tell regional folktales? Kevan Manwaring explains his influences, methods, and inspirations for his work in

The city of Peterborough in the east of England and its surrounding region is one of the few English areas

This is the story of the legendary Aurelius Ambrosius, a King of the Britons in the 5th century AD.

The Sky World of Native American myth refers to a parallel celestial universe located in the Sky. It is home

The final article in the series exploring common superstitions is ‘fingers crossed.’ Crossing your fingers is a common gesture in

I began writing 'Maypoles, Mandrakes and Mistletoe: A Treasury of British Folklore' back in April last year.

In the great wealth of witch-related lore, the image of the persecuted local midwife is one of the most enduringly popular.

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