The songs and poetry of the American labor movement are an example of occupational folklore or 'laborlore', which records worker

The city of Peterborough in the east of England and its surrounding region is one of the few English areas

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Daffodils are said to have dangerously toxic bulbs. Once, it’s claimed, they were used by Roman soldiers as a ‘go

Dr. Lynne S. McNeill explains what folklore is, and what folklorists do.

Mie is home to the ama divers, an ancient tradition of women who breath-dive for abalone, and Ise Jingu, the

What unites bikers, punks, feminists and sewing? Scott Malthouse explores the social history of battle jackets.

I feed on as many books of London lore as I can find, everything from Neverwhere to London Orbital, King

The emotional and spiritual dimension of being in place, in the work of Alan Garner, powerfully reminds us of our

Willow Winsham talks with artist Katherine Soutar, illustrator of the Folktales series by the History Press.

Exploring the vast realm of folklore has never been easier with the tools available in the digital world of libraries,

I asked my parents to tell me about folk beliefs in the Philippines. In the process, I learned some interesting

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