The first story that I found in this land where I live was The Seal Children, and as we walk

The cutting of a couple’s wedding cake is often the highlight of a wedding reception with newlyweds making their first

Sexual harassment in Arthurian Legend? Surely not!

Brutus of Troy was a legendary Trojan exile who some medieval chroniclers claimed was responsible for the founding of Britain.

Who is the Tooth Fairy, and where did she come from?

By re-imagining Welsh dragons in a new way, a way which makes them more plausible to an informed and sceptical

In Poland, Midsummer's Eve garlands would be set on water, their path on the surface foretelling the owner’s future, and

As this goes live, the #FolkloreThursday website has been up and running for a whole month! In that time we've

Japan has a love of official top three lists. You may have heard of the Three Views of Japan (Matsushima,

illow Winsham talks to Tom and Nimue Brown, the creators of the Hopeless, Maine graphic novel series, for a dip

2018 marks the tenth anniversary of the Centre for Myth Studies at the University of Essex.

I asked my parents to tell me about folk beliefs in the Philippines. In the process, I learned some interesting

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