While much fairy folklore associated with prehistoric sites centres around barrows and brochs, many megaliths are linked to fairies, goblins

Two popular folktales of the Arab world tell of Bu Draeyah, a cruel sea creature, and Homarat Al-Guyla, a half-woman,

Who is the Tooth Fairy, and where did she come from?

Reports of Black Dogs that speak are incredibly rare in modern times and, in fact, very unusual in older accounts.

There are two main challenges to retelling folklore, myths and legends for children: making the story suitable and fun for

The Dream of Macsen Wledig from the Mabinogion tells the story of how the Emperor of Rome experienced a dream

Daffodils are said to have dangerously toxic bulbs. Once, it’s claimed, they were used by Roman soldiers as a ‘go

This is a story collected in Michael Berman’s book Georgia Through its Folktales. The book explores the shamanic possibilities held

One of the main tactics the Norse gods employed in their struggles, aside from outright trickery and brute force, was

For over 70 years, the oldest established clowning organization has been painting the faces of clowns on eggs. Each is

How is a gingerbread house tempting if you've gone gluten-free? Who needs pumpkin coaches when there's Uber? It's a question

The Cailleach, which translates as ‘old woman’, ‘hag’, and ‘veiled one’, exists in both Irish and Scottish Gaelic, and is

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