Simon Hughes is a British philologist who lives, works, and (mostly) plays in Arctic Norway, where he has resided since 1992. He maintains a weblog, Norwegian Folktales, and may be found posting as @SimonRoyHughes on Twitter.

The Norwegian folktale, “East of the Sun and West of the Moon,” in which a white bear comes to take

The Auroras, as we know today, are dependent on the interactions of the sun and our upper atmosphere, and have

Despite a great many people knowing that Norway is awash with folklore, many would be hard-pressed to name a Norwegian

If you have heard or read the folktale “The Three Billy-goats Gruff,” you are aware of the existence of Norwegian

Simon Hughes examines erotic folktales—a less well known, and often censored, area of folklore—and presents a self-translated example from his

The Norwegian hulder-folk pursue Christian-folk - kidnapping their children, making them their partners and servants, and getting their help to

On the evening of 11th December, Icelandic children place shoes on the sills of their windows, before they go to

The motif of the discarded ring recovered from a fish appears in the folklore of various regions

Folklore is at heart oral and behavioural traditions, so the notion of written folklore is somewhat oxymoronic. Any attempt to