Why you need a bit of folklore in your life. Or feel the folklore fear and do it anyway…

Between St Distaff’s Day 2020 and Twelfth Night 2021, I practiced ritual year folklore every day, my experiences becoming Everyday Folklore: An Almanac for the ritual year, a practical guide on how to engage with folklore all year round.

The Indigenous Burial Ground: Urban Legends and Popular Culture

In North America, legends of haunted places often claim they have been built on an “Indian burial ground.” Indigenous burial ground urban legends are so widely shared they’ve become a part of popular culture. Writers used them repeatedly as a literary device in horror until they became a comedic cliché and eventually a meme.

Weekly Hashtag Day Themes

How to take part in the hashtag day each week We’d love people to share their own folklore to the #FolkloreThursday hashtag, and support each other – and help the community thrive – by liking and sharing each other’s posts. The latest #FolkloreThursday tweets can always be viewed here (just by searching for #FolkloreThursday on […]

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