Born in Singapore, but a global citizen, Joyce Chng writes mainly science fiction and YA. They like steampunk and tales of transfiguration/transformation. Their fiction has appeared in The Apex Book of World SF II, We See A Different Frontier, Cranky Ladies of History, and Accessing The Future. Their YA includes a trilogy about a desert planet and a fantasy duology in Qing China. They also have a picturebook about dragons and Chinese New Year under Lantana Publishing. Follow Joyce on Twitter here or visit their website.

Of all the Chinese festivals, I love the Mooncake/Mid-Autumn Festival the most. Right after the scary Hungry Ghost Festival or

When I was a little girl, I used to watch with open-mouthed admiration and puzzlement as my mother prepared the

Chinese dragons are believed to be symbols of good luck and wisdom, bearers of immense power, and controllers of the

Here are a couple of folklore and stories associated with Chinese New Year. I have grown up with these stories