Melanie Warren has collected British folk tales and ghost stories for almost four decades. For many years, she was a paranormal investigator and took part in innumerable ghost-hunts but never saw a ghost, although she did have several experiences she finds hard to explain… She was also BBC Radio Lancashire’s resident “paranormal expert” and co-authored two collections of ghost stories, which were broadcast on BBC local radio stations. Melanie is now concentrating on turning her extensive collection of stories and tales into a series of books, one county at a time. Melanie lives in Lancashire and has done so all her life. Melanie's latest book, The Enchanted Valley: A Guide to the Myths and Legends of the Llanthony Valley, is available here. Her book, Lancashire Folk, is available from booksellers including online, but also directly from the distributor, Gazelle Books. Read more on Melanie’s website.

Easter customs of old were many and varied but who would have expected so many of them to be nothing

Christmas is over, New Year has been well and truly celebrated, and most of us are back at work by

The story of the 'King of the Cats' can be found in folklore from a number of regions and countries.

An old woman in the cottage gave the midwife a box of ointment and asked her to anoint the baby

Folklore shows that bells were not just used to call to prayer or to make an announcement, but also played

Fox Robin was a crotchety farmer from Westleigh in Greater Manchester, whose antics in life and death are told in

We all know that Halloween, as a festival, is not an invention of the trick-or-treating Americans but it is far

In Bashall Eaves there’s a bridge which is said to have been built in a single night, in order to

Many folkloric traditions and folktales in Lancashire have their origins in Nordic customs and beliefs.