Madeleine D’Este is a writer, reviewer and podcaster from Melbourne, Australia. Her series of cosy mystery steampunk novellas The Antics of Evangeline, her dark feminist fantasy novel Women of Wasps and War and her young adult supernatural novel The Flower and The Serpent are all available from Amazon.

We humans, love to eat and we love to celebrate with food, from weddings to birthdays to a Sunday family

The final article in the series exploring common superstitions is ‘fingers crossed.’ Crossing your fingers is a common gesture in

Generally, clover represents protection, fertility and abundance, but where does the widespread belief in a four leaf clover’s good luck

The exploration into the origins of common superstitions continues with ‘wishing on a star’.

The exploration into the origins of common superstitions continues with spilling salt as a bad omen.

According to some, leaving shoes on the table is a harbinger of death. This originates from the practice of honouring

Madeline D'Este explores the possible origins behind the common belief that the act of opening an umbrella indoors invites bad

‘Breaking the wishbone’ is a tradition around the world in the days after a Sunday roast, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Bad luck from breaking a mirror has a long history, and the ominous associations are pervasive around the world.

The superstition of 'touch wood', or 'knock on wood' is still common today, but what was its original source? Madeleine

One installment in a series of common superstitions in the English speaking world: ‘Bad luck comes in threes.’

Folklore is filled with tales of man-eating beasties and Australia is no exception, home to the dreaded Bunyip.