A teacher by trade, Tom has branched out into the world of traditional storytelling. Over the last 7 years he has developed his art and now tells traditional tales, myths, legends, folklore and original stories to young and old across the country. Currently writing his first children’s novel, Tom has already penned several short stories and had articles published in the Society for Storytellers magazine, Storylines. Follow him on Twitter or visit his website.

Folk tales tell us how we live and keep our local history alive. They pass on the stories and knowledge

Dragons play a popular role in legend, Where might their origins have begun, and can we see parallels between them

Deep below the depths of the ocean, creatures from myth, legend, and lore, stalk our nightmares and give us chills,

Avast ye scurvy landlubber, listen up and hear me well, for I have got a tale or two of derring-do