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There's something about the concept of a poison garden that either titillates or terrifies, depending on your preferences. The UK's

If a bouquet of flowers arrives at our door, we’re more interested in who sent them. The Victorians were more

When you think of tarot cards, do you picture a fortune teller predicting your untimely end in a darkened room?

Sending mean cards? Eating mashed earthworms? Using jack o’lanterns to light medieval love banquets? They’re all surprising yet vaguely sinister

So, what is necromancy and what does it have to do with folklore? Come with me, and let’s enter the

Icy Sedgwick explores the folklore, beliefs, and superstitions associated with the human skeleton in traditional and contemporary cultures across the

The gallows play a dark role in the history of punishment, but also show an important influence in folklore, folk

Many cultures have beliefs around shadows, reflections, and paintings. Taking control of doppelgangers in these forms means taking control of

Who is the Tooth Fairy, and where did she come from?

First-footing as a New Year custom is most common in Scotland and the north of England, but it does have