Elizabeth Hopkinson is a Bradford-born writer of fairy tales and historical fantasy. Her many short stories have appeared in the likes of Dancing With Mr Darcy (ed. Sarah Waters) and The Forgotten & the Fantastical anthologies. She is the winner of several awards, including the James White Award, Liars’ League/National Gallery Inspiration and Fairytalez Best Gender Swap Fairy Tale. She is the author of Silver Hands, a retelling of Grimms’ “Handless Maiden” set in the Golden Age of Sail. Asexual Fairy Tales, a collection of new and retold tales with an asexual slant, was crowdfunded by Kickstarter and will be published by SilverWood Books later this year. View her website, Kickstarter project, or watch her on the BBC.

For many, the Woman in the Tower is a symbol of female oppression and repression, a highly negative image charged

Fairy tales, myths and legends have always been central to our experience as human beings. They help us deal with