Al Ridenour is the writer and producer of the folklore and horror podcast Bone and Sickle (including two recent episodes exploring Pan’s curious cultural impact, and the episode ”It is 100 Years since our Children Left”, which looks at the Pied Piper myth alongside the phenomena of Italian tarantism). He is also the author of The Krampus and the Old, Dark Christmas, described by LA Times’ books critic Elizabeth Hand as “gleefully erudite,” and a volume that “deserves to become a classic.” He also produces an annual Krampus run and related events in Southern California as Krampus Los Angeles. Along the way, he has worked as an artist, mask-maker, journalist, arts impresario, and small-time cultural agitator (the last with the Cacophony Society). Ridenour’s writing, art, and creative projects can be found on his website.

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While Pan’s goat-like appearance makes him one of the most recognizable of the Greek gods, ambivalence surrounding the figure makes