Ever since my childhood I have been fascinated by old fashioned sayings and superstitions and now write about them in respect to everything from the English countryside and its plants and animals to the way these ‘wise words’ relate to all aspects of our daily lives. Follow Ruth on Twitter and visit her website.

Nearly everyone has a lucky number. It may well be seven but all the numbers associated with luck – and

Since the beginnings of human civilization, seeds have been revered for their gift of life. How we treat them in

Spring is the herald of new life, and throughout the animal world, spring is a time to forecast the weather

With the renewal of the natural world in spring comes the celebration of Easter, when many ancient traditions are still

From the animals that witnessed the Nativity, to the robins on our greetings cards and Santa’s reindeer, the creatures of

Christmas traditions have evolved through the centuries, many of them have ancient origins linked to the midwinter festivals of Yule