Rosalind Kerven has written over 60 books published in 22 countries, including several bestsellers. With an academic background in social anthropology, she has been collecting and retelling Myths, Legends, Folk Tales and Fairy Tales from around the world for 30 years. Her latest books, "Native American Myths" and "Viking Myths & Sagas", are published under her own imprint, Talking Stone. Other titles currently in print are "Arthurian Legends", "English Fairy Tales & Legends" and "Faeries, Elves & Goblins:The Old Stories", all for Pavilion Books. She has also worked for major publishers such as Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, The British Library, British Museum Press, Dorling Kindersley and Pearson, featuring stories from China, India, the Arabian Nights, Ireland and many other world cultures. She has also written children’s fiction and non-fiction, and numerous articles for magazines and journals. Visit her website here or follow her on Twitter here .

'The Weardale Fairies'. Extracted from English Fairy Tales and Legends by Rosalind Kerven, published by Batsford. Illustration by Arthur Rackham,

The Sky World of Native American myth refers to a parallel celestial universe located in the Sky. It is home

An evil magic ring, associated with dwarf and dragon – what a great idea Tolkien had for his books!

Sexual harassment in Arthurian Legend? Surely not!