Apples were for centuries the fruit that most people would have had most often. From acerbic and sharp cooking apples

The story of Mother Shipton, as well being a window on the past, is a mirror in which modern capitalism

A sneak peek of #FolkloreThursday's new book, Treasury of Folklore – Woodlands and Forests: Wild Gods, World Trees and Werewolves.

Throughout the ages, a multiplicity of folklore and myths has accumulated about mountains. The folklore and myths have been focussed

The concept of a magical, mysterious, “Otherworld” has been a common component in many myths and legends of diverse human

There are many different kinds of shapeshifting and here we look at different examples from Ireland, Wales and Scotland that

The folklore attached to the seas and rivers of the world is plentiful, filled with wondrous creatures and beguiling tales.

Whilst shamans and their rituals can vary widely from place to place, never in world history has a country industrialized

For the Celts, cauldrons had many everyday uses. As well as cooking, boiling, cleaning, bathing, carrying water and other domestic

‘The Fear of Tiptipwa’, a folktale about survival in the wild, first appeared in The Greatest Folktales of Bihar, published

t is believed that the ancient Celtic people were animists who considered all objects to have consciousness of some kind.

Queen Boudica, ruler of the Iceni people of Britain, was famous for leading a violent uprising against Roman rule. Although

The Celts were a varied collection of ethnic groups inhabiting a wide swathe of continental Europe from the west coast

The pup sat on his hind legs with his mouth up near the cow’s udder and loved the white stream

At this time of year, when the light fades early and the world shifts from green to gold, cinnamon and

The effects of the Chernobyl disaster will endure for thousands of years to come. So how will that legacy be

From midwinter feasting at Neolithic British sites like Durrington Walls, to the Haloa of Ancient Greece and the Norse Yule

North London has captured the imagination of gothic writers through the ages, exploring both sides of the region’s possibly: one

Better known for its naval history, sea battles and imperial power, "Pompey" also lays claim to some mindboggling legendary connections.

In the summer of 1960 at the age of five, I joined an honored folk tradition by telling my first

This article presents an historical examination of the political orthodoxy of folklore from the middle of 19th century when the

ew Orleans blends the past and the present into a heady mix where almost anything seems possible. Especially at Halloween. The

Folklore changes and evolves with the peoples and their societies. It’s not rigid, it’s not concrete. As time passes, new

Articles about female ghosts are scattered across the Internet, each one more compelling and nightmare-inducing than the last. Stories of

orever immortalised in Washington Irving’s ‘The Legend of Sleepy Hollow’ the Headless Horseman has undoubtedly become one of horror fiction’s

Within our current society of filtered perfection and aggressive online happiness, there is something oddly refreshing in the macabre.

What does it mean if you see a white deer in the woods? Lisa Schneidau explores the folklore and folk

Ireland has at least 3,000 wells that are, or were at least up until recently, looked upon as holy or

Birds of the crow family have long been heralds of doom and devastation. They destroy crops, devour corpses, act as

The Chime Child is one of the most enchanting books I know. It begins with the rustle of autumn deep

Why do folktales still charm us? They hold ancient wisdom, ceremonies and life lessons but they also unravel old rituals

Jánošík, a young outlaw with braided hair, carrying a shepherd’s axe called valaška, and wearing rural clothing, is the unlikely

A brilliant professor once told us that desire always lurks at the heart of Arthurian legends. Desire for glory, for

From Macbeth’s castle in the Scottish Highlands to the shores of Hampshire, Britain has many haunted castles that go bump

Animals played an important part in the everyday life of the ancients Celts. In Celtic mythology the lives of

The first witch of Western literature, Circe lived what appears to be an idyllic, solitary life on the island of

Tolkien describes the Old Forest, a space filled with deep-rooted mysteries and danger in Middle-earth. Although, this takes place in

Nearly everyone has a lucky number. It may well be seven but all the numbers associated with luck – and

Galeej, a youth hailing from a low caste, got married to a woman of the same caste and equal status.

We’ve got many different characters in Brazilian Folkcloric scene and they are related to all aspects of the land, weather,