The Story and the Artist: Katherine Soutar's work for the History Press is a unique collaboration between illustrator, storytellers and publisher. She reads the entire manuscript of each folk tales book and crafts the perfect cover image based on its content and her own extensive research. She has supplied the cover artwork for every title in the Folktales series, now at over 70 books and still counting, she is also responsible for the covers for the newly commissioned Ghost Tales series. Katherine is a member of the Association of Illustrators and has been working in collaboration with storytellers and musicians turning their words into images for many years. She also works in an academy school part time, introducing students to warm glass techniques, animation, illustration and printing. Visit Katherine’s website here. 'Transforming words into pictures is what I love to do most.'

Willow Winsham talks with artist Katherine Soutar, illustrator of the Folktales series by the History Press.