Jenny Porrett lives in Devon with her boyfriend of 8 years and a pet garden snail. She has numerous historical interests, but has a soft spot for the Georgians, historical women's medicine, all aspects of archaeology (but especially bones), strange surnames, food, and early erotic literature – for research purposes of course. She has been lucky enough to work in castles and stately homes, but currently works in university biosciences admin, whilst attempting to finally utilise her degree in history with creative writing by writing a book. She has several sadly neglected blogs, her favourite is the one where she researches the owners of unusual names that come up in her genealogical research. Other interests are cooking, photography, doing family trees for people and crossing the border into Cornwall as much as she can afford. Follow Jenny on Twitter here.

Many will declare Christmas to be nothing but “a way for card companies to make money, harrumph!” Whilst Christmas has