Human/zombie hybrid who wishes she had tastier brains to snack on while writing. Grows her own hair. Also known as the Fairy Tale News Hound of Once Upon A Blog (established April, 2009) - sniffing out all forms of fairy tale news and events (feel free to throw her a bone if you're so inclined). Founding member of the Australian Fairy Tale Society (AFTS) and still serving on the committee, she is the AFTS Member Ezine Editor and Designer. This Fairy Tale News Hound put bread on the table by working behind the pixie dust in the Disney Animation studios, though she could never completely hang up her toe shoes, or lose her homesickness for Oz. Often found knee deep in story and visual development, art projects by her students and the pitter patter of rescue-feet, she still regularly talks to puppets. It is abundantly clear to those who share coffee with her, that she has been continually obsessed with fairy tales from a very young age.

Everyone's experience with cancer (and other life-threatening issues) is different but there are commonalities too, so to that end, here's