Amudena Rutkowska is an ethnographer and cultural anthropologist, and is curator of the folk art collection at the State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw. She is interested in the folklore of Central and Eastern Europe. She is currently researching contemporary carnivals, masquerades and rituals but also the history of printed pamphlets and chapbooks and the role of book sellers in 19th century Polish village. Amudena is a Ph.D. student at the Institute of Polish Culture, University of Warsaw. The State Ethnographic Museum in Warsaw (Poland) was established in 1888. The collection is made up of objects, folk art, costumes, crafts, sculptures, paintings and other art from Poland, Europe, Africa, Australia, Oceania and Latin and South America. Visit the museum website at here and on Twitter at @ethnomuseumwars.

A traditional festival is held annually in South Eastern Poland where locals re-enact what may be an historical event, yet is certainly a local