Folklore of the Sea: A Curiosity of Maritime Myths and Traditions

sea folklore

Today we have a wonderful extract from The Magpie & the Wardrobe: A Curiosity of Folklore, Magic & Spells by Sam McKechnie & Alexandrine Portelli. Sailors have traditionally been associated with many myths and magical aspects of the sea, travellers and bringers of tales and far-off treasures.

Folklore of the Sea: Magpie in the Wardobe

Folklore of Hag stones: Magpie in the Wardobe

Sailor Myths: Magpie in the Wardobe


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Learn more about the book, The Magpie & the Wardrobe: A Curiosity of Folklore, Magic & Spells by Sam McKechnie & Alexandrine Portelli, on the website:

Extract from The Magpie & the Wardrobe:A Curiosity of Folklore, Magic & Spells © Pavilion Books Company Ltd 2015

Sam Mckechnie is an artist working primarily with oil and found objects and makes quiet pieces, usually on commission. Sam's work is inextricably entwined with fairy tales, magic and charms and her work has featured in many books and magazines across the globe. She created The Magpie & the Wardrobe atelier in 2002 as an extension of her artwork and releases two collections worldwide every year. Alexandrine Portelli worked in the fashion industry for many years before returning to her roots to head up the design team at her family's interiors business. Her personal passions are writing and all things magical and mysterious. She is an avid collector of children’s books, especially fairy tales – the darker the better!

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