Lari Don is an award-winning children’s writer and a storyteller, based in Edinburgh. Her passion for traditional tales inspires almost all of her fiction. She writes picture books, including the Secret of the Kelpie, collections of traditional tales, including Fierce Fearless & Free, and adventure novels, including The Spellchasers Trilogy. You can find more information on her website: and you can often find Lari on Twitter: @LariDonWriter.

Scotland is one of the few nations to have chosen a mythological creature rather than a real one as her

Hares are widespread geographically, so hare stories are widespread culturally. But hares take on a surprising variety of roles in

There are two main challenges to retelling folklore, myths and legends for children: making the story suitable and fun for

Kelpies are water-horses, who can shape-shift from underwater monsters to beautiful horses or humans on land