Jennifer Dunne received a BA Hons in Archaeology and History from the University of York and an MA in Museum Studies from the University of Leicester. She has worked in the museum sector for thirteen years caring for and curating mainly social and local history collections, but now manages the multi-disciplinary Scarborough Collections which range from art, social/local history and decorative art to archaeology, natural history, and geology. Jennifer developed a particular interest in folklore during her time with the North Lincolnshire Museum Service where she conducted research into the noted folklorist Ethel Rudkin, the Peacock family of Bottesford, the Isle of Axholme’s Haxey Hood festival, Plough Jags, North Lincolnshire dialect, and the local folk songs collected by Percy Grainger. This interest has been furthered in her current role as Collections Manager for the Scarborough Museums Trust through working with the William James Clarke charm collection. For more information about Jennifer’s work, you can visit the Scarborough Museum’s Trust website and follow her on Twitter at @SMT_Collections and @SMTrust.

Clarke’s charm collection reveals a range of uses, including cures for sore throats, the protection of seafarers from drowning, and