Adam Scovell is a writer and filmmaker currently based in Liverpool. He is studying for a PhD in film music and transcendental style at the University of Liverpool and Goldsmiths. He has produced film and art criticism for over twenty digital and print publications including The Times and The Guardian, runs the Blog North Awards nominated website, Celluloid Wicker Man, and has had film work screened at FACT, The Everyman Playhouse, Hackney Picturehouse and Manchester Art Gallery. In 2015, he worked with Robert Macfarlane on an adaptation of his Sunday Times best-seller, Holloway. At present he is filming a number of projects on Super-8 film including a collaboration with Iain Sinclair, and working on a book on Folk Horror for Auteur Publishing.

The burial and subsequent unearthing of cursed objects is an act that is astonishingly common in Folk Horror.