The Indigenous Burial Ground: Urban Legends and Popular Culture

In North America, legends of haunted places often claim they have been built on an “Indian burial ground.” Indigenous burial ground urban legends are so widely shared they’ve become a part of popular culture. Writers used them repeatedly as a literary device in horror until they became a comedic cliché and eventually a meme.

Weekly Hashtag Day Themes

ANNOUNCEMENT: The #Halloween Spooktacular, Thursday October 27th, 2022 (9.30am-7.30pm BST)! We’re excited to announce the annual #HalloweenSpooktacular will return this year. Yes, the fabulous #FolkloreThursday hosts are BACK to retweet your spooky lore! The theme will be … *drumroll* … folklore of ghosts and the supernatural for Halloween and Samhain! Be there or be taken […]

Following Herne the Hunter’s Tangled Webs Through ‘Mischief Acts’

Folklore and tales form a gigantic living web that threads through our cultures and societies. I see it as analogous to mycelium, the fungal mesh beneath the ground: a gigantic, intricate system of connection that feeds and informs the trees and plants that sprout above the surface whilst quietly spreading, putting out feelers, thriving.

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