#FolkloreThursday News: A Celebration and a Sad Announcement


Hey #FolkloreThursday-ers!

We have some BIG news for you!

Firstly, a celebration!

We’re so excited to announce the launch of the NEW all singing, all-dancing website!

The tech team have worked super-hard to give you everything you asked for, from easier ways to find articles on the topics you love most, to a faster and more secure browsing experience.


This fabulous upgrade has been in the making for a long while now, and we are super thrilled to finally be able to share the results with you all. A huge thanks to everyone for your feedback and input, helping us to make the site the best it can be!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Secondly, a sad announcement…

After an amazing 7 years–and almost 400 hashtag days and 500 website articles later–the world has turned, and the wheel of life has been through many revolutions. It is with great sadness that we regretfully announce that:

After a lot of soul-searching, Willow and I have decided that hosts will no longer be retweeting tweets on the @FolkloreThurs Twitter account each Thursday day from next month.


People are still free to share their folklore using the tag each week, but there will no longer be hashtag hosts manning the Twitter account each Thursday. Of course, the @FolkloreThurs social media accounts and website will continue.

But why, we hear you ask?

Firstly, the amazing #FolkloreThursday community has grown so large that the Twitter platform can no longer sustain the hashtag day. It’s reached a tipping point now where there are more tweets than our fabulous hosting team can physically retweet due to the technical limitations, and with so many people taking part (over 60 thousand followers!)—especially with the Twitter tweet limits introduced during the coronavirus lockdown­­–it is simply impossible to run the day in the way we were once able to whilst maintaining the high standards people have come to expect.

As a lot of you are aware, the dynamic of the day has been different for a while now. We really don’t want people to get frustrated or bored, to stop coming along each week, and for this amazing thing that we’ve all created to just fizzle out and fade away.

So we’ve made the hard decision to end the hosted element of the hashtag day, while things are still good—and the positivity that fuelled such momentum is still there, so people will remember it and feel good about the tag when they think of it.

Secondly, times have changed massively over the last two years–as each of us also has. We feel it is now time for #FolkloreThursday to move along with the changing world, to stay fresh and relevant.

There is more to come from #FolkloreThursday in future. Please watch this space, keep reading the website, and still say hello to us online! Also, there are more books in the makingwith two forthcoming titles from our very own Willow Winsham!

#FolkloreThursday is not disappearing, just taking on a different form. We do hope that people will continue to use the hashtag each week. We’d love people to share their own folklore to the tag, and support each other–and maintain the community–by liking and sharing each other’s posts. The latest #FolkloreThursday tweets can always be viewed here (just by searching for #FolkloreThursday on Twitter, and then clicking the ‘latest’ tab.) And, in case you would like a theme to tweet, we’ve prepared a list of weekly hashtag day themes covering the whole year!

Do check out our list of folklore links from around the web too.

What’s next?

We hope you’ll continue giving us your folklore all until the last hosted hashtag day on March 3rd, and help the #FolkloreThursday hashtag day go out with the bang it deserves. We’re asking everyone to get on board to help muster some of the old magic and excitement that Thursdays used to bring, and really go out on a high.

We thought of a few great ways to celebrate all the fun we’ve had over the years:

You can get involved by still posting your folklore with the hashtag each week, sharing other people’s offerings, and supporting the website contributors by reading their amazing articles on www.FolkloreThursday.com!

In the lead up to the door to Fairyland closing, we have some extra special website articles for you around the theme of change and transformation over the next few weeks. You’ve also put together a list of where to find folklore around the web.

The #FolkloreThursday Festival, Saturday 5th of March:

  • We’ll be holding the ‘#FolkloreThursday Festival’ on Saturday 5th of March.

The theme is ‘change and transformation’, to help us all move forward using the magic and sense of community that #FolkloreThursday hashtag day has brought into our lives.

Please join us over on Twitter from 9am-7.30pm GMT to share your folklore!

We’ve cancelled Saturday’s #FolkloreThursday Festival as a mark of respect for Ukraine. The last hosted hashtag day is on Thursday 3rd March, with the new theme: hope, light & healing.

festival cancellation poster

Before we look to the end, we’d like to take a moment to look backwards, and reflect on the amazing journey we’ve all taken over the last 7 years.

We’re so grateful for the incredible team we’ve worked with, and the fantastic people we’ve met here in the folklore community.

Thanks to each and every one of you that has made this such a brilliant community over the years: the Patreon supporters, the web team, the hashtag hosts, the website contributors, and everyone who takes part!

We do hope you understand, and feel positive about staying with us to see things out until the end of the hashtag day. It’s been such an amazing thing to be part of, and such a fantastic group of people to get to know as friends–long may that continue! We’re so sad that this is the end of the brilliant, magical hashtag day, but also feel blessed to have met you all, and built something together that’s touched so many people’s lives. Thank you for being there with us—we hope it’s meant as much to you as it has to Willow and I.

Thank you so much for coming on this journey along with us, and I hope we can all come together to really make the next few weeks magical, and drum up some of the old excitement and sense of community that people have felt over the years.

Thank you all again,

Dee Dee and Willow

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