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Volunteer with #FolkloreThursday

Volunteer with #FolkloreThursday

Since #FolkloreThursday started back in June 2015, we have just grown and grown! We began with the idea that we’d love to create a wondrous folklore community, and we’ve done just that: Each Thursday you all come together from around the globe to create the biggest folklore gathering ever seen, the fact that we trend most weeks proves it! When we created the website back in February last year we hoped to be able to do exactly the same thing: Bring voices from the whole community to share in a grand celebration of folklore, all focused here on FolkloreThursday.com.

In the last few months we’ve reached out to the top-notch #FolkloreThursday folk who contribute each week, firstly for articles, and then to guest host on the hashtag day itself, and more recently for volunteers to joing the #FolkloreThursday team. We think we’ve done a great job of finding some excellent people with great skills, but we do know that there are only so many hours in the day, and because of that we’ve missed some of you! So, here’s a call to all #FolkloreThursday-ers: If you think you have skills to offer, please do step forward and let us know!

If you already volunteer or write for us, and you’d be interested in doing more, do tell us — this call isn’t just for new people!

What we’re looking for:

We’re looking for specific things right now: people to upload articles to the WordPress site every week, and we’re also looking for guest hosts for the weekly Twitter hashtag day — if this sounds like you, do read on!

People to upload articles to the site

We’re hoping to find a few people who can  spend a couple of hours each week uploading articles to the site, for at least 6 months. Send us an email if you sound like this kind of #FolkloreThursday-er:


Good understanding of WordPress.

Experience of using Google Drive, cloud software and file transfer services.

Ability to use spreadsheets and/or editorial calendars.

Good eye for detail and a sound understanding of grammar, punctutation punctuation, and spelling.

Very basic HTML and CSS would be an advantage.


Guest Host Admin

We need someone to help us organise guest host slots for the #FolkloreThursday hashtag day each week. This will mean emailing people every few weeks, booking them in, and sending an email every Wednesday with the guest hosts’ details for the following day. If you’d like to be considered, please send over a short email saying why you’d like to get involved and how you think you’ll handle this. Here’s a run down of what we need:

Reliable and available to send an email each Wednesday.

Friendly, chatty and approachable.

Experience of using Google Drive, cloud software and file transfer services.

Ability to use spreadsheets/ Microsoft Excel.

Experience of using Tweetdeck and Twitter.


#FolkloreThursday Guesthosts

Host on the hashtag day!

We realise that not everyone enjoyes writing, so if you’ve always wanted to get involved with #FolkloreThursday but didn’t know how, here’s your chance! We have limited slots available for guest hosts, so if you’d like to try it out please get in touch, telling us about your experience of Twitter, Tweetdeck and why you’d like to get involved. Guest hosts need to:

Be reliable, with a reliable internet connection, excellent sense of judgement, and generally available for a 90 minute shift on Thursday. Please tell us your availability from March – June when you get in touch.

Able to access Tweetdeck from a PC, to read all blog posts posted to the hashtag during their shift.

Read and retweet, if posts conform to the #FolkloreThursday posting guidelines.

Be a good communicator with a friendly, chatty style to reply to tweets and chat during their shift, with patience if faced by annoying spammers.

Have a good knowledge of folklore to make sure the best quality posts are shared.

Respond to emails quickly during the shift.

Good under pressure. Shifts get incredibly busy, and trolls aren’t just the stuff of folklore — it can be overwhelming at times, so be prepared!

Experience of Tweetdeck

Understand that hosting the hashtag is about facilitating, and helping others share their stuff, not about sharing our own stuff

Previous experience of dealing with large online communities are bonus points!


If any of these roles excite you, drop us an email now — gain experience, meet new people and help create something magical!

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